Burn, Clown, Burn!

Coming soon!!!

Everybody knows that killer clowns dwell in the depths of hell. But what happens when an ordinary clown is thrown into hell by accident? The answer is simple — he survives under the silent disapproval of spectators who’ve grown accustomed to an endless parade of death

In this dark world of danger, death and slightly twisted physics, the clown has to do insane acrobatic stunts to entertain the goulish inhabitants. Why a clown and not an acrobat? Because it’s hell.

What to expect:
★ A grim circus from the very bowels of hell
★ Dozens of depraved spectators cheering for the clown’s tragic end
★ Mindblowing stunts performed by the only one person who’d prefer to avoid a tragic end
★ A multitude of ways to achieve that very tragic end including a secret one
★ Beautiful leaps over the fiery furnace of hell
★ Great music playing to accompany the ensuing madness